Energa Total has closed its doors. 

We appreciate the support many of you provided in our attempt to bring renewable energy to low-income families in the US and Latin America.  We wish you all the very best in this world. 

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Updated 4/2009

Capability Statement

Ron Orozco, PE

PO Box 530

Animas, NM  88020





    Commercial Pilot

Commercial, instrument-rated pilot with over 2,000 hours in single engine aircraft mostly in Latin America with 50+ international flights.  Specialty in backcountry flying and international flights. Currently flying a Cessna 172.  


    Professional Engineer

     Registered Professional Engineer (Arizona and New Mexico) with 15+ years as electric utility engineer with a B. Sc. in Agricultural  Engineering.  Competent in conventional and alternative energy systems as well as water pumping.


    Rural Development Specialist

    Assisted or lead various rural development projects including a six-year residence in Guatemala wherein various water systems, village electrification, and commercial activities received training and technical assistance throughout Latin America.  Most recently participated as part of a World Bank team to Mozambique to develop a rural energy plan.  Other African work experiences include Ghana and Malawi - both for the World Bank. 


    Solar Energy Systems Specialist

     I built my first solar water pumping system in Arizona in 1979.  Since then I have engineered, installed and maintained dozens of water pumps for livestock and domestic needs in the Southwestern US, Mexico and Brazil.  The picture at right shows the "FireFly" solar electric system that I designed specifically for remote homes.  I also designed and built a 10 kW solar electric system at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



Founder, owner and manager of Energa Total, a small solar electric business based in New Mexico for five years.  I am proficient in every aspect of business management and operations including business planning, financial management and accounting and marketing and sales.   



I have a complete set of tools, including a 1966 Chevy 4X4 with utility bed and 9,000 lb. wench, that allow me to serve as a technician on many types of systems from cars and trucks to electronic controls for solar electric systems (as seen at left).    I have been the electrical contractor and can fix just about anything! 


     Mexican Background

Son of a Mexican immigrant who came to the US at the age of 14, I was raised with strong Hispanic roots and culture.  I attended high school on the border in Douglas, Arizona.  I lived for one year with my family in Jalisco (1972) and lived in Latin America for 7+ years (1988-94) and speak fluent Spanish.  I worked in Mexico with Sandia National Laboratories (1994-98) in a program that installed dozens of water pumping systems in rural areas from Sonora to Chiapas.


    Native American Experiences

 Living on the Navajo Nation for six years as a child, I spent many a childhood day playing and living with Hopi and Navajo schoolmates.  More recently I worked with several Tribes on energy and environmental issues including the Navajo, Hopi, Laguna, San Juan Pueblo and the Jicarilla Apache in New Mexico as well as the Rosebud and Oglala Sioux of South Dakota and the First Nations Bloods of Canada.


    Brazil Experience

I lived and worked in Brazil and speak Portuguese.  Among activities in Brazil, I trained dozens of Brazilians in conventional and renewable rural electrification systems.   I also completed a survey of unelectrified villages in the Amazon region of Brazil.  


    Grant Writing and Research

As evident from this presentation, I am capable of expressing ideas in an innovative and practical format.  This talent has been applied to the development of various grant applications as well as business planning, marketing materials and technical reports for various audiences.


I am a get-it-done kind of guy who enjoys life's challenges.  I am looking for an opportunity to share my skills and make a difference in this world.